Government agencies at all levels struggle to keep up with aging infrastructure, transitioning populations, environmental stewardship, government mandates and inadequate funding. KHAFRA’s multi-disciplinary team of professionals partners with our municipal governments and can act as an extension of their personnel. Whether a problem needs evaluating, a single project needs to be executed or a comprehensive capital program established, the KHAFRA team is poised to deliver. We take pride in understanding governing policies and procedures and delivering cost-effective solutions to the local residents. Projects have included:

fulton 2 Fulton County Standby, Fulton County, GA

KHAFRA was first awarded the Standby Engineering Services Contract in the year 2000 to perform sewer and water improvement projects for the Fulton County Department of Public Works. This Contract was re-bid and re-awarded in 2003, 2006, 2008, 2014 and 2017.

Over the years, KHAFRA has completed more than sixty assignments and has consistently earned high scores from the Fulton County Public Works Department’s Performance Reports. These assignments include a wide variety of projects ranging from engineering designs to operation and maintenance (O&M) services. A majority of the assignments involves design of water and wastewater facilities, pump stations, water mains, gravity sewers and sewer force mains. Other assignment includes engineering studies and report, water system modeling, sewer line and boundary surveys, geotechnical investigations, GIS utility maps updating, environmental investigations, construction inspections, request-for- proposal development as well as O&M services.

Green Lake.JPG Green Lake, Orchard Park, NY

The Green Lake dam, located on the South Branch of Smokes Creek, is a vital piece of Yates Park, which allows Town of Orchard Park residents and guests to enjoy paddle boating, canoeing, swimming, and Quaker Splash during the summer months.    KHAFRA provided professional services for the improvements in three phases.  Phase I included landside survey of the dam structure, a Dam Safety Inspection and Safety Inspection Report, and Dam Engineering Assessment Report. 

Phase II involved field data collection and reclassification assessment.  The final phase involved the design of dredging and dam repairs.  Detailed plans and specifications have been developed for Lake dredging.  In addition, detailed design of the dam repairs were prepared. Per NYSDEC request, the installation of a labyrinth spillway was the primary design focus, to maximize spillway capacity. 

fire1 Fire Station 11, Atlanta, GA

The project involved the reconstruction of Fulton County Fire Station No. 11,with an upgraded facility designed with the latest technology and larger, more accommodating truck bays. KHAFRA provided full architectural and engineering design and construction administration services, including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design, creating construction documents and a Building Information Model (BIM) of the new fire station.