Deployment Services

APPROVED KOS LogoToday small and medium size utilities face multiple challenges in providing safe drinking water, the lack of financial resources, aging infrastructure, implementation of new technology, cost of scale, management limitations, long term planning, limited IT resources and regulatory compliance.

Expressed in ordinary terms, the objective of KHAFRA’s deployment services aid these utilities in improving customer service and the customer experience. KHAFRA’s solutions help utilities reduce operational expenditures, while managing capital cost over time. Additionally, it improve planning capabilities and system monitoring enables these utilities to reduce system losses, increase billing process efficiency and reduce billing errors.

Deployment Services include:

  • AMI/AMR Transmitter Installation
  • Meter Installation & Changeouts
  • AMI, AMR & Meter Warranty/Maintenance
  • EMI Network Installations & Maintenance




K&V Meter Automation (K&V), a joint venture between KHAFRA and VSI Meter Services, Inc. (VSI), was the prime contractor for the City of Atlanta’s metering automation project. The project consists of the automation of approximately 165,000 water meters in the City’s service area with Neptune’s ARB® Utility Management Systems™. As prime contractor, K&V was responsible for the timely and complete execution of the project and installation and project management services for the 150,000 commercial and residential meters.

This project consisted of the installation of Neptune meters equipped with ProRead absolute encoder registers and R900® radio frequency (RF) meter interface units (MIUs) for pit applications. Both the ProRead register and the R900 RF MIU provided a solid foundation for improved efficiency and guaranteed meter reading system accuracy. The City now utilizes Neptune’s GIS-compatible mobile data collectors for monthly meter reading, the CE-based handheld readers and RF receivers for on-site data collection, and the EZNet targeted fixed network meter reading system to obtain meter readings from their larger customers (approximately 3500) on a more frequent basis (multiple reads per day).

Over the three year period of installation, K&V manually read the existing meters as it phased in the new automated meter reading device.


KHAFRA is a subcontractor to Grid One Solutions, Inc. (Grid One), who is the prime contractor for the Philadelphia Electric Company’s (PECO) meter automation project. The project consists of the automation of more than 2,000,000 electric meters in the Philadelphia metropolitan area with Cellnet Fixed Network Technology. The Team is responsible for the timely and complete execution of the project and providing all installation and project management services.

The project goal is to improve the manner in which PECO gathers meter data and provides billing, as well as performs outage management thereby improving overall customer satisfaction. This contract includes testing all existing meters, sampling of new meters, performing all meter service work including transfers, CE/CS, notice, termination and restoration and the installation of all residential and commercial meters.