Since 1994 KHAFRA has been engineering design solutions, namely focused on water and the environment, throughout the world. Serving in both a prime and subconsultant role, KHAFRA’s team has been instrumental in developing and distributing clean water sources, as well as designing wastewater systems. Projects have included:

Dakar, Senegal Senegal River water Transfer for Urban and Rural Water Supply; Urban Water Supply & Irrigation for Rural Farm and Husbandry Use
Lomé, Togo Water Treatment & Transmission/Distribution and Storage
Czech Republic, Europe Environmental Pollution Mitigation Technical Support
Ghana, West Africa Three Regional Water Supply Projects; Water treatment Facilities; Storage /Transmission/Distribution
Gabon, Africa Technical Support for Cellular Telecommunication Network
South Africa Engineering Technical Support for Aluminum Manufacturing Company
South Africa Mpanza Waterway Hydrological Assessment
Santiago, Chile, South America San Rafael River Basin Water Quality Study