Program Management Services

APPROVED KOS LogoOffering manpower, resources and specialized experience has lead KHAFRA to successfully manage programs for our clients, maximizing their performance.  Program Management Services include:

  • Work Order Management
  • Inventory Management and Logistics
  • Subject Matter Expertise



Mobile Meter Management (M3) is an award winning software platform designed by KHAFRA for work orders and field auditing applications. M3 was developed and is hosted by Field2Base Inc., a recognized leader in Mobile Data Capture solutions for more than 10 years. Field data is sent to an online secure database which is created and tailored to each customer’s specifications. This database is hosted by Field2Base in its SAS70 / SSAE16 certified environment and is secured with 128 SSL access and roles based administration. M3 provides the customer with turnkey server software which is installed behind the customer’s firewall. This software easily and automatically inserts form data into the Client’s hosted database based on a simple data mapping exercise completed at the time of installation. Data mapping modifications can continue to be made seamlessly and easily by the client for the life of the product, so changing a back end system does not mean any disruption to your mobile solution.

M3 provides route optimization that allows for more work orders per day/man. Work  orders are prefilled with meter data and other key installation data so technicians can easily complete the job. Electronic data capture includes before and after photos, date time stamp, GPS verification, signature capture, Barcode Scan etc. for quality of service. Work order data is validated onsite to immediately address issues instead of rolling a truck a second time (dramatically reduce operational costs). Data is delivered  electronically in real time to a mobile device. Data is analyzed, reports are created and trending is identified so program changes may be recommended and executed in near real time.

M3 key performance indicators maximize use of installers and meter maintenance  employee time. Reduce installation mistakes with field validation. Improve field visibility with Photos, GPS, Etc. Track lost / broken equipment and track incomplete or failed work orders. M3 identify trends such as equipment failures or productivity loss and provide near real time progress reports.