Whether temporary or permanent, a home is where memories are made. It is the respite after a long day of work, shelter from the storm and a place to lay your head. KHAFRA has been instrumental in designing housing solutions, all the while balancing budgets while maintaining a level of comfort for the end users. Projects have included:

Perry Homes - AHA Magnolia Park Renovation, Atlanta, GA

 Provided mechanical, electrical, structural and civil engineering for the renovation of this 580 apartment complex. Work included a complete site utility renovation including water distribution, sewer, grading, erosion control, and paving.  HVAC systems were designed for each apartment which utilized stored domestic hot water for hydronic heating and electric cooling. Plumbing included new low consumption fixtures and energy efficient gas water heater. Also commissioned the 22-acre boundary and topographical survey for the site part of the civil site work package.

Georgetown Georgetown Apartments and Preliminary Design for Renovations- Indianapolis, IN

Provided updated buildings condition assessment and site environmental Phase I assessment to support Tax Credit Application.  Subsequently, provided a detailed assessment of existing condition of 103 apartment units in 9 buildings along with site lighting on the 9-acre site.  Provided conceptual design and related opinion of construction cost for complete renovation of all apartments and site lighting.

Fort Bragg Fort Bragg Family Housing Replacement- Fayetteville, NC

The overall project objective was the demolition of the existing multi-family apartment buildings and the construction of thirty-two new single-family housing units on the same site. Provided the civil, electrical, and mechanical design services needed for project completion.

The design services included:

  • Preparation of demolition documents for four 45 unit multifamily dwelling buildings.
  • Site planning to convert multi-family dwelling area to single family residential houses.
  • Civil site design including access roads and drives.
  • Mechanical and plumbing design.
  • Construction phase services in all disciplines.
  • Conversion of the overhead power supply to supply underground.
  • Replacement of power poles, transformers in coming services.
  • Design of the underground duct work and pad mounted transformers