Facility Management Services

APPROVED KOS LogoRising employment costs and fluctuating needs has driven KHAFRA’s facility management clients to seek alternative ways to maintain services and reduce costs.  In addition, the technical services that KHAFRA offers have benefited our clients over and over.

Deployment Services include:

  • Water and Wastewater Plant Operations
  • Building Maintenance and Operations
  • Chemical Treatment and Procurement
  • Ground Facilities Maintenance




The Atlanta-Fulton County Water Resources Commission’s (AFCWRC) North Area Water Treatment Plant is an award-winning facility operated and maintained by the joint venture team of KHAFRA and Veolia. The Team was first awarded this contract by the AFCWRC to operate the North Area Water Treatment plant in November, 1990. In the nearly thirty years since, the Team has consistently proven its ability to operate and maintain the North Area Water Treatment Plant most efficiently.

By winning the 1991 “Best Run Plant in the State” award during its startup/ shakedown year, the Team exhibited its capabilities of handling difficult working situations through a series of successes. In the early years of the Plant operation, the Team was able to increase the Plant capacity through a series of EPD approved rerates, from 30 MGD at start-up, to 45 MGD in 1993, and eventually to 56 MGD in 1994. All these rates were accomplished without major capital expenditure mainly through efficient plant management coupled with improved process operations of the client’s facility made and, most importantly, through the innovative and successful optimization of plant filter runs as well as adherence to safe drinking water quality requirements.
By 2006, with a plant expansion completed, the total plant capacity was elevated to 90 MGD. The Team operates one of the largest and most advanced surface water treatment plants in the southeast. Lime conditioned sludge is dewatered with the use of two plate and frame filter presses. The conditioned sludge fills the voids of the recessed plates allowing the water to pass through the cloths. The filtrate then flows by gravity to the decant tanks for cleaning.

Over the this span of the contract, the Plant won the “Plant of the Year Award” from Georgia Water and Pollution Control Association (GWPCA) in 1991, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000 and 2005. The Plant also won the “Plant Safety Award” from GWPCA in 1991, 1996, 1997, 1999 and 2005. In 1997, the Plant was awarded the “Excellence Award – Outstanding Operations” by the Georgia EPD and the “Outstanding Operation – Plant of the Year Award” by US EPA Region 4. In 2001, the Plant received the “Safety Drinking Water Act Excellence Award Commendation Letter from US EPA Region 4. Other awards won by the Plant include the 2005 GA Department of Labor Award of Excellence for Exceptional Work Place Safety, the 2006 OSHA Gold Star Award, the 2006 GWPCA Gold Star 100% Compliance Award, and the 2006 GWPCA Award for Safe Drinking Water.